Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Multi-Topper Magic

There's this wonderful piece from CAbi this season called the Multi Topper.

It can be worn 782358681985771983956135926 different ways.

Just kidding.

Not that many.

I have a tab up at the top of the page with instructions on how to wear it! 
Take a peek!

As I discover new ways to wear it I will continue to update it!

Prettier photos should hopefully be added soon!



Multi Topper - CAbi
Cami - Nordstroms
Jeggings - CAbi
Boots - Younkers - Franco Sarto


  1. I love the orgaic look of the piece ! really! I would love to obtain one,! or maybe you just pull it off wonderfullv like usual :- j

    1. Erin! If you want one lmk, my mom sells them :) xoxo, Maddie

  2. You're the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on.


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