Adventures in Food Photography – Food Photography Roundup

Hello friends!

I recently decided I wanted to attempt a lifestyle section on my blog, the only issue is my homemaking skills only reach as far as the nearest Taco Bell. Speaking of which that sounds really good right now and it’s taking all my will power not to stop writing and head over there right now.

I imagined that food photography would be simple. Pinterest makes it out to be at the very least. All you need are some props, a camera, and some natural light. It’s definitely more involved than that but I know there were quite a few good tips.

Today I will be sharing with you the posts that I found really helpful in my newfound “hobby.” (Can you call it a hobby if I only try to be domestic once by making some muffins?) They have some of the best information on what props to use, how to set up your equipment, and a few other tricks.

1. 99 Food Photography Tips – Twolovesstuidio


I honestly could stop my list right here. I personally think this is the one stop shop for any food photography tips you could ever need. Plus the site offers a free week long course designed to help you improve your food photography. If you want to get the most bang for your proverbial buck, make sure you check out this plethora of food photography information!

2. DSLR Manual Mode for Beginners – B.Britnell


This is a wonderful blog post outlining how to shoot with Manual Mode with your DSLR camera. It’s specifically designed for those who want to learn food photography so all the images used have food in them so it’s easy to connect the dots. The tutorial explains it simply enough that anyone can learn how to shoot in Manual and you don’t need a fancy minor in photography like I have. Hahaha!

3. Food Photography for Beginners – B.Britnell


Another great post from B.Britnell! This one really discusses what you need to know at a more detailed, personal level versus the first post I mentioned. A lot of the same material is covered, but it’s justified and explained why you should use all her incredible tips. I specifically love the tip #7 about napkins! Whenever I’m at Goodwill or at Crate & Barrel, I take a while to look around at the napkins or placemats they have because they’re a great place to find unique and interesting textiles. (Pro-tip, Crate & Barrel is great because you can purchase just 1 napkin or placemat and they are often under $5!)

4. 5 Food Photography Tips Using A Smartphone – Cotter Crunch


Not everyone has access to a DSLR camera at their disposal and this post from Cotter Crunch makes food photography accessible to everyone with a smartphone. Tips about making sure the close ups are in focus, to what apps are the best for editing, this post covers the basics and even encourage you to put yourself out there to get your best shot.

5. Food Styling Tips for Fashion Bloggers – Simply Delicious Food


Again, this post hits quite a few points from the first post I mentioned, but everything here is explained in detail. It’s filled with great ideas for styling food and making it look as delicious and appetizing as possible for you to not only photograph, but eat afterwards as well. My favorite tip is shooting form all angles. So often I get stuck in a box and only shoot from a slight angle, so this really inspired me and I can’t wait for future shoots in order to put the styling tips to work.

I really hope you enjoyed learning all about my favorite food photography resources. I can’t wait to follow up and discuss props, and my first (failed) attempt at food photography.




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