Adventures in Food Photography – My First Shoot

Okay you guys, I’ve never been considered the “funny” friend. But I’m sure you will laugh at my first attempt at shooting food photography.


I decide to start off with some shots of the ingredients… Because all good food photographers/bloggers do that right? Look at that gorgeous shot of my Walmart cinnamon. So hipster. So Organic. (Not at all.)


Then you have to add a photo of all the ingredients before you mix them right? Well somehow these gorgeous shots that talents blogged do so effortlessly looks like crap when I attempt it.


YAS. Look at those dry ingredients. Clearly this is going to be the most delicious batch of muffins to ever grace this planet. I don’t even know why I thought these photos looked good when I took them. I feel like that girl who gets a camera for her birthday then starts telling everyone she’s a photographer. (I promise I have taken plenty of college-level photography courses.)


Wow. So artsy. Look at that spilled flour.


Honestly you guys these are so bad I should just stop showing you these photos because they’re so embarrassing. It’s like I didn’t even learn anything from the tutorials I showed you in my last post.


Okay they’re slightly getting better. At least in this one I have some decent props. I think I work better with props and finished products. See that platter? I’ll be talking about that in my video I am filming for you guys.


I reached out to some friends in the Build + Bloom Facebook group to ask for some preset recommendations for food photography. Someone mentioned Fuji – Mastin Labs for a light and airy look, and for a moodier look anything by Tribe Archipelago. I purchased the LXCN pack after I edited these photos, and I might give editing them another shot just to see if they make these look any better.

I think my biggest problem with the photos was I was relying completely on natural light. By the time I was done baking the light was pretty poor. Fall in the midwest is notoriously overcast, so you can’t always rely on natural light to take your photos. Now that I have a lighting kit I will have to give it another shot.

I can’t wait to talk all about my new favorite tools/props in the video so make sure you check back soon for it!





  1. Jordan Mathewson
    December 8, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Reflectors can be your best friend when it comes to natural light. I’ve got one with a gold and silver tints to them, highly recommend if a reflector didn’t come in your light kit .

    • December 8, 2016 / 8:56 pm

      I have one! I enjoy using it, but it’s tough when you’re shooting alone. Once I get married and am living with Cristian I can force him to help me and hold reflectors and such. Marriage is going to be so great.

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